Tuesday, July 28, 2009

found her!

yea, its a her, its proclaimed "ice princess", and she has been my inspiration for a while, so much that i have an idea up my sleeve in tribute, i mentioned this way early in this silly blog.

there is a 50/50 chance of seeing her, and i finally caught up wth her when i had my camera on me, which isnt an epiphiny when you realize that there is one in your phone.
its the perfect size for me, us.
there is a phone number on the side that i should call to offer them a number that they could not refuse, because if anything, i know it runs.
to be continued....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

movie night-s

i cant wait to see these in 6 months. thats the amount of time that it will take for them to come out on dvd. i find it hard to put aside a couple hours to sit comfortably and watch a movie in a theatre, or even at home. i feel like im wasting time or missing something- regrettably., but usually i just fall asleep. i guess i have to chill out, with my eyes open.

plus a few others.

let me just say this while i am here- please stop making remakes of previous films or classic tv shows! there are untouched brilliant books, screenplays and ideas out there. who is charge of financing "land of the lost" or the most recent "footloose? they surely are not making any effort and fucking up everyone else's cherished memories of the original. what a waste. i personally will never really know because i wont waste another couple of hours, but wait, i don't anyway, so my opinion doesn't really count.
so i will continue to spend late nights on my couch, because of the unfortunate theatre situation. but here i can stop and resume the next day, ahhh.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


i am normally not one for a house guest. i am stuck in my irregualr routine and get easily annoyed, especially in the mornings. i will put on a pretty and welcoming face but inside i am begging for the time to do the things i do. i express how much i would be happy for someone to vist, but the reality is that, there is a great hotel down th road that has someone paid to wake them up with bagels and a smile on their face.
this all goes to sat that dogs are different, kinda, sure- have them stay here, its way easier than hauling my ass over to your house a few times a day and they will keep my grumpy dogs company, they will be happy with a friend to play with. yeah yeah.
my dogs are rough. one (bud) is ancient and could care less if another dog is around unless they try to receive a treat or love before him. another (max) is a little like jeckel and hyde. he is a big snugglepuss,but hates men and has a tendency to growl a lot, which becomes intimidating is you aren't familar with his demeanor.
our weeklong house guest is "wally" a six moth old boston terrier that hasn't had any kind of training or discipline, therefore he is completely absorbing my dogs horrible bad habits. its started off fine. bud kept to himself, max had an eye open for the new kid. but by the end of the week all hell's grab ass fest broke loose. hours upon hours of sniffing licking, growling, snorting, chasing and mounting were happening. i love this little dog and his innocent alien bulging eyes, but i cant take it anymore- come over for day trips with a sedative.

i will miss you when you are gone though.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


i saved this video a while back. i know its the typical baby-tronics,, we all think they are cute, piece of crappy film. sorta like that one scary animated baby that danced, but better and with more flair.
anyway- while half way listening to some non informative morning news program this morning. i was assaulted by the loud sound of forced laughter by these mannequins on tv, so i turned around, only to find my hidden guilty pleasure televised. my secret is out
i still think they are cute though...shh

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


i think it was last week, there was a little note on my desk.
i kept it to the right of my keyboard to remind me to return it to loop who was the rightful owner, clearly because of the genletmanly penmanship.

me- loop,can you explain this scribble that you left for me?
( i was sure it was going to be some hipster tips)
loop- tell me what it says
me- this is one of those lame jokes to make me look like an ass as always
(remembering the time that they made me read something about being retarded but still mumbling the note under my breath)
loop- no really, it will make sense and i left it after you did something nice to me.
me- um..... franks salon miss all links whiff.. i don't get it
loop- faster and with an accent
me- (in an atrocious not descript accent) sanks alot miss all lings whiff, fuck off
justin- (interupting to the most obvious, in the usual bad british accent) sanks alot miiss ollingsworth
o thanks a lot miss hollingsworth
you are welcome

this makes me realize that i should start thinking outside my little box, and create an accent of my own.