Friday, August 29, 2008


this makes me giggle everytime i hear it, or see it- and there are many hilarious variations of the video- excuse me, now i am going to adopt a fluffy white chicken over the long weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

loop's musak

here is the song that loop sang to coax kara down the aisle- transatlanticism-
and the song that they played tambourine to as they walked away from the alter- believer
and theres loop playing with summer darling
- take a little listen-

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i have promised myself to gather my thoughts and pictures for a post about my dear friend, colleague and whiskey conniseur- Loop, and his beautiful muse Kara.
they had their ideal wedding at marvimon in downtown los angeles- in which he coincidentally owns the site management company for. this is rad venue that is happening to be opening a new green venue in the next month- will keep you updated.
months of combing through swap meets and thrift stores paid off. they combined all their tastes and heritage to create a comfortably classically eclectic happening for all their family, bandmates and friends.
we made a menu with the minnesotans, family traditions and colors in mind. although it happened to be sahara hot the heavy food worked and was loved by all. there was no one that walked away hungry. we incorporated small birds, dark berries and figs to the centerpieces and strategically placed decor. 

the bar was my favorite place to hang out- as always. they had 2 cocktails that incorporated their names with pbr in paper bags as well as a vintage coke machine, o- and jack daniels airliners, i forgot because they quickly disappeared. the drinks looked lovely and tasted better, once again, loved by all.
they had 3 delicious cakes made by danielle keene on vintage stands with a topper made by me *blush* and  the talented ana serranno.
i have to say that my best memory is of loop singing to kara to come down the aisle, to this day this song brings tears to my dry eyes.

i will figure this layout problem shortly, thanks for the patience.

Friday, August 1, 2008


So, I talk alot and once mentioned that I should start a blog like the ones that consume most of my days... Not sure if it was a good idea. For months the comment haunted me. At first the name was the obstacle, but Ms. Ana nailed it for me. Then it took a while to organize my thoughts as to what I would actually want to expose. 
Finally. Now that it's passe. I am here. 
Thank you for being the least bit interested as to read this.
I will try my best to keep you interested and not to be redundant and give good visuals.