Thursday, December 17, 2009


and shop.
i have a sad little bag filled with a few non descript gifts, nothing that i am very proud of distributing.
i am never this late, we don't even have a tree yet. on the more postive side, i have catered and attended a least a dozen parties so far, but it doesn't help the gift situation.
i also thought that i would purchase everything on the interweb (new integrated word for me), but i haven't been inspired by anything.
i need to do some super shopping, which is in the plans for this weekend.
i was thinking about getting everyone snuggie, then i found these.

but the price still leads me back to the snuggie.
at first i loved the name of the "sealpelt" but then i starting of thinking about those sweet furry white seals with the big eyes being skinned and it made me sad.

yea, my thoughts are a bit scattered

Thursday, December 10, 2009


this is where i left my heart?
at the office?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


that vietnamese coffee has kicked in and is in full effect right now. but i need it, to get through this month, although i cant keep a regular conversation because there is a hive of thoughts running through my little head.
lots of holiday soirees to sort out, THE birthday to figure out and embrace, company party to engage people, christmas & new years and what is included, all the while being in full construction on our new catering kitchen and offices.

i could just take a nap until its all over.