Monday, June 29, 2009


i love this time of year, all the flowers are blooming and the fruit is the best of the season.
i prefer the farmer's market in alhambra, its the closest and less crowded and have a diverse selection thanks the proximity of monterey park and its on sunday, so i can hopefully have at least one day of sleeping in. this sunday i was on the hunt for something to can or pickle or bake, besides the usual that i would need for the week.

these white apricots were irresistible, they are so soft and beautiful, along with being super sweet. i think i am going to eat these straight up and next week when i get more im going to fondle them and then make them into ice cream with lavender for the 4th.

then i found pickling cucumbers, the season flies by and i normally miss the time when these are the best so i am excited to finally catch these. they are going to become zesty bread and butter pickles, a little experiment of mine, stay tuned.

kumquats are at the end of their time but i picked up lots for nothing and made almond candied kumquats, that i will use as a garnish on chocolate tartlettes and almond cupcakes.

i got a bunch more but nothing as exciting for me as these.
sorry to bore you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

screw you

or those of you that think that it is time for me to start covering the grey, and not with a hat.
she is grey and gorgeous

besides the fact that i am low maintenance (nice way of not admitting, lazy), i dont think that my original color comes in a bottle and the closest hue might make me look like an insane middle aged circus clown. so.. i am going to proudly tramp around with these little white wirey hairs that are quickly multiplying.

Monday, June 22, 2009


its summer solstice and strangely enough i cant feel it. in normal times it has been sahara hot , i am not complaining by any means , but the anticipation of the heat is pushing me to an unusual retail edge, i have completely stocked up on my summer and travel goods, and am prepared for the barbeque, swimming (guh) and travel.
alongside, today is dad's day. happy fathers day to all.

i think steve will like a picture of himself.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

pack rat

is it wrong for me to adore the clutter in my office/craft/catchall room?

some would say yeah, but i like my crap. i realize that i collect too much but at this point its a compulsion.
i have a few completely different vignettes around and this one was dismantled due to spring cleaning and i needed the memory of it to remind me of what a weirdo i am.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

mr beakman

aka: paul zaloom

i recently caught his show on a rare lazy saturday morning, and i wondered how old he was now and what happened to him. i admittingly watched and like the show although lisa's voice kinda drives me crazy.
shortly after this personal revelation this article came out in the la times. mr. beakman, i mean zaloom, has a better natural name and looks much cooler than his spazzy character, but is on the same eccentric level.
he lives in a tiny back house on the westside filled with found art and tchotches. id like to figure myself similar but im not sure. im sure that i like all the trinkets and oddities though.

i tend to purchase and display unusual findings rather than keep up with a "look" too. i think we might be related, or should be.

Friday, June 12, 2009

is it wrong,

to be insanely jealous of this little girl and have the urge to violently kick her out of her own room so that i could enjoy it for myself?
yes, i like the brilliant colors, the artwork and most of all the bed, not only because i have a penchant for beds, but because its fancy, orange and plushy.

if i remember correctly my childhood room was filled with pink laura ashley flowers, white lacquered furniture and a disgusting pile of stuffed animals, sure it sounds ok, but believe me, in hindsight it wasnt very inspiring.

Monday, June 8, 2009

los jacarandas

i told you.
they are pretty, right?
the colors of these trees are always nostalgic to me. it makes me relove pasadena. i remember back in the day when we would walk back and forth from school and they were blooming, kids are missing that enjoyment. f**k i feel like teasing myself about my age right now.

i love these gloomy days before the heat waves, but im still a little sleepy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

june gloom shroom

its dark outside and the lilac jacarandas are glowing. this weather is lovely but its making me sleepy.

the only problem is that i dont have the time to sleep, another weekend of weddings, flower mart, music, flea market, gardening, and im going to try to grab the zoe and go to UP.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

birthday bento boxes

this month is chocked up with birthdays. i knew i was close to too many geminis.
i have found where i am going to take everyone on their birthday. my favorite sushi place- oba. they have the best sushi in town as well as the sweetest faces. their udon is not that bad either, but i am sitting here with a burnt tongue from it. the best part is they will draw your face in strawberry slurry for your birthday! sweet!

barbara was first.

then came justin, in that exact order.