Friday, May 29, 2009


this has made the rounds through all the best wedding blogs and i just cant stop watching it.

i need a video camera.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

memorial crawfish

or crawdads or whatever you call them.
i picked up 90 lbs of crawfish and crabs on friday, hoping that i could be nurturing enough to keep them alive until the monday holiday.
mostly we played with them and had races. but they didnt seem to mind. with a little watering and attention they were fine.
come monday, i had to cook off the crabs early because they are a bit sensitive, but tasted delicious nonetheless, once i reheated them in swamp mud straight from staci's hands in the bayou.

crawfish are basically cockroaches so they kept well in their little cardboard habitat.

there were a few good eaters and i was a little nervous because its not for the queasy, but once you get beyond the guts, they are so good.
miss julia fished out the crawfish and entertained the crowd.
cherise graced us with her efferecence presence.
and finally i was finally able to spend time with my evil twin (or maybe its the other way around).
and luckily the huntington crew came.

thanks to everyone else that helped me out and showed up, you are loved by me. especially contessa rachel, mrs. lutter, grumpy cupcake, the prietto saga, haro twins, supernova warehouse and edie beale.

now all i have to do for the rest of the season is paint my nails and plan my trip to panama in august- o and a few other events in the make up.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh, the talent

that i, even in another time would never have, and am sorta jealous. julia is pretty and amazing.

Friday, May 15, 2009


justin pointed out that cooking puts me in a good mood, rolling my eyes i tend to agree with him. even the skeptical seem to believe. i haven't had much time or spirit to put into a hot pan for a while unless it was for good cause, in which it was.
lime tartlette with almond crust and blackberry- no glaze, and bittersweet mocha with pistachio nut- one. color coordination not intended but it helps.
inquire within for recipe, or show up on the 25th for a bite.
sorry about the crappy picture

Sunday, May 10, 2009

note to self

and everyone else, do not patronize the los angeles flower market anywhere near mother's day if you can help it. way.... too crowded with clueless people and my vendors raised their prices for the day.
 but they still had a few amazing seasonal flowers and i walked away pleased and with a noseful of delight, including the bacon wrapped hot dog whiff as i left the building. mmm

happy mom's day to all. 
i spent it with my little pseudo little one zoe and the moms.
i love my mom, edie beale 

Friday, May 8, 2009

the things we do

i have been a bit distracted lately (for good reason) and have spent a fair amount of time perusing websites and blogs for some inspiration. that accounts for the more frequent posts.
i have a long list of event, wedding and food ideas, but the longer i sit on them the more mundane i believe they are. i will eventually post the best of the best but for right now, i am all about the more inane subjects.
this site is one of my recent favorites. it has text messages from the previous night that are often fueled with alcohol and are hilarious. the postings make me think that everything will be ok and give me a bellyache from laughing and question my humor.


(305): Imagine two people making love on top of a unicorn . . . my life is the opposite of that


(505): You should really figure out how to get me a picture that will pop up on my phone when you call
(720): Just upload a picture of Bea Arthur. That's what my soul looks like these days

(973): On a scale from 0 to 24...wait, 3 to 24, where 6 is the lowest and 12 is the highest, how freaking high re you right now?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

song of the day

there are not any undertones here, i just like the song- both ways

im sure that i can find someone to dedicate this to though.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

foot frenzy

new season, new shoes, and i have a little obsession right now.
summer shoes to deliberate.

not sure who does these but i think im in love- from garance dore
im getting tired (as well as those who know me) of chucks year-round, these are the perfect substitute.


the only reason that i even considered these before was because i liked the fact that they donate a pair to a child in need when you purchase one, and that the owner blake mycoskie is hawt. the usual ones look too slipper-like, but these might work.

see, retail therapy does work, im feeling a little giddy.