Wednesday, May 27, 2009

memorial crawfish

or crawdads or whatever you call them.
i picked up 90 lbs of crawfish and crabs on friday, hoping that i could be nurturing enough to keep them alive until the monday holiday.
mostly we played with them and had races. but they didnt seem to mind. with a little watering and attention they were fine.
come monday, i had to cook off the crabs early because they are a bit sensitive, but tasted delicious nonetheless, once i reheated them in swamp mud straight from staci's hands in the bayou.

crawfish are basically cockroaches so they kept well in their little cardboard habitat.

there were a few good eaters and i was a little nervous because its not for the queasy, but once you get beyond the guts, they are so good.
miss julia fished out the crawfish and entertained the crowd.
cherise graced us with her efferecence presence.
and finally i was finally able to spend time with my evil twin (or maybe its the other way around).
and luckily the huntington crew came.

thanks to everyone else that helped me out and showed up, you are loved by me. especially contessa rachel, mrs. lutter, grumpy cupcake, the prietto saga, haro twins, supernova warehouse and edie beale.

now all i have to do for the rest of the season is paint my nails and plan my trip to panama in august- o and a few other events in the make up.

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Anonymous said...

liz! that crawfish over office papers is so cute! i want that picture... in my kitchen. ahhh.. panama,. when i was in c.r. last summer our new lady friend who lives there raved about panama. how fun!@
ps. i love my ear decors, thank you thankyou