Tuesday, September 30, 2008

makes me sleepy

i promised myself that i would be a little different and not post what other blogs post, i sorta knew that i would break this promise because there are so many great blogs and people that i follow weekly if not daily.
my memory is getting bad and i regrettfully forget the links that i find for some of my pictures. previous to this blog, i just pulled the pictures that inspired me. to those artistes i completely apologize. they deserve the recognition for all the creativity and work that they inspire.
i found this a while back and often ponder the thought of waking up to this and if i can personally pull this embroidery - i found the genius behind this one.

i found this the other day at one of my daily peeks at design crush.

i found this in grumpy's photo files and it makes me think that it's his unintentional try at the above, and it makes me laugh a lot.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

look, another one!

when i figure out where marfa, texas is. i will be on my way.
imagine this industrial shark of a truck serving up mediterranean tex-mex in an empty parking lot with grass peeking through the concrete.it leaves a sweet garlic taste in my mouth.

Friday, September 19, 2008

the toffolis

hold on tight, the last posting was so lukewarm that i had to put something a little more inspirational and pretty.
thanks to jac photography, i received these beautiful pictures. jaimie and chris are super nice and truly talented.
sarah and chris were married in august and had their reception at pmca in pasadena. they had the theme of a corporate merger and went with it all the way from their invites to their decor, with the help of the groom's brother, the talented, brian tofolli.
They created a brand that was used on the t-shirts for the catering staff and moving boxes set up by the bar.
The food ended up being very simple and sweet, with a slider and gourmet fry station and a diverse dessert/cake table.

the decor was all about orange in a contemporary way.

and here is sarah and chris toffoli. the best thing about jac's pictures and the wedding party is that everyone had a grin on their face the entire time.

and just how beautiful and original is the bride's dress. i love it!

guten tag

here are the costumes/uniforms that we came up with, thanks to barbara, who really knows how to twirl a needle.

and the buffet, thanks to miss ana

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

chicken little

earlier today, i was rudely interrupted by a strange sound outside my office. it sounds something like a bicycle crash, a little higher pitch and without a scream.
here is what we found, that fell out of the sky.

the mess it made

we came to the conclusion that it came from a passing airplane. they must be sad that they lost their fancy lens. we are glad that we weren't standing anywhere near the impact. but what do you do with this information other than save it for a great (ok, semi good) story for a campfire.

g to the ross (gross)

from afar this looks like a nice mediterranean tiled floor, upon a closer look, its meat, ha! makes me a bit queasy but on the other hand its imaginative. i am totally on the fence with this

its made by the belgian artist wim delvoye. there are quite a few wackadoo ideas that he has but he is s genius. afterthought- please dont hold this reference against me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

proudly introducing...

i was lucky enough to be introduced to the new venue in the (relatively) neighborhood.
there was a bridal show at the new smog shoppe. it is from the geniuses from marvimon in downtown la.
it follows the same lines except they are closely following the green rules- the insulation is from old denim- all the doors, fixtures, tile and such are refound or repurposed- vertical gardens from recycles men's suits- refound plants- decor from local flea markets and garage sales- and everything is solar powered!
they kept with the vertical garden theory, which works really well, outside and in

the bridal site upstairs was my personal favorite with found tiles lining the room that includes an open shower. ohlala. and a great 70's portrait upon entrance.

the spacious restroom under the loft has found doors as well as tile and has a wall lined with fan belts as a reminder that it once was an actual smog shop, which is quite charming.

of course, i entered at the tailend of the event and missed the "string theory" performance- which i heard was amazing. they create- for lack of another explanation- a large harp, using the room as anchors. its definitely performance art. they have a shoe at the ucla fowler museum on september 26th. i did have the pleasure of the picture booth (photos to follow) , their people were pretty great as well.

i look forward to working here,then i will have the opportunity to take better photos, plus i adore their ideas and personality that they put into everything.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


initially i thought that this original guy was annoying but the longer i watched him the more i realized how brilliant he is. who else would be able to abuse anyone that way and gain the attention and respect of millions, then cross the pond and do the same to another country.

and isn't it ironic who sponsors it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i have an urge for some retail therapy, thanks to the new j.crew catalog.
i am loving all the colors and how they look perfect together, no matter what color you are to choose.
indulge with me.

and i would pack them all away in this and go to bolivia.

Monday, September 8, 2008

no truck, big bug

although my quest for the i scream truck failed miserably, we did happen across a lovely little- ok semi big- praying mantis.
isn't it annoying when you see something everyday and when you finally decide to approach it. it disappears. i am still determined to find that pretty pink truck and share it because it is too good.

as for the praying mantis- it happened upon the newly claimed photographer extraordinaire's (grumpy cupcake) camera during an evening of gluttony. he stayed around until the next day and was the affection of everyone's attention, especially our little zoe- and didn't seem to mind, that is why grumpy thought he might be a tamed insect- to my disbelief. she may still be on the stick plant right now, i have yet to check. i hope she finds it comfortable in the garden.

i love that the praying mantis is considered noble and a good omen, besides the fact that it is a strong female- teehee.

Friday, September 5, 2008

obsession for the weekend- i scream

so- i have been having these visions of driving around in an old pink toned ice cream truck billowing sweet smelling goodness and followed by mesmerized children in frilly dresses.

i have not decided exactly what to vend. something homemade and delicious. these people have the right idea. just someone else that i am jealous of. or just update the traditional like these guys, i need to find an event to use them in, since they are available in la.

this is not the most rational idea for myself, so i am trying to convince some entrepreneurial friends of my brilliant idea. imagine eye glasses or organic pies and lunch goods.

there is a great example of the perfect truck close to my home. i always see it parked, and wonder where and what they do. i have a fantasy that they serve proper ice cream sundaes out of the big tubs with hot fudge and sprinkles while they play ragtime music, its that sort of nostalgic look that it has. i hope to find it over the weekend so i can post a few pictures to share.

Monday, September 1, 2008

labor day means work...right?

well its not so much hard treacherous work or work that i don't like. everone that knows me knows that i adore and obsess over costumes all year long.
i am actually preparing for an oktoberfest event, hence working on the costumes/uniforms for my servers.
the host of the event had chosen a few from on-line costume shops. after purchasing the leiderhosen pieces i realized they were basically made out of wax paper and would have been like walking around in an overall windbreaker, super loud and crunchy.
i figured that the suspender pieces will be pretty easy, since i am only really good at sewing geometrical patterns. the challenge is going to be the shorts and dirndls for the ladies- who are pretty freaked out and shy about wearing such a thing- but fear not, they will be modest and sweet- at least my vision is.
wish me luck!