Friday, September 12, 2008

proudly introducing...

i was lucky enough to be introduced to the new venue in the (relatively) neighborhood.
there was a bridal show at the new smog shoppe. it is from the geniuses from marvimon in downtown la.
it follows the same lines except they are closely following the green rules- the insulation is from old denim- all the doors, fixtures, tile and such are refound or repurposed- vertical gardens from recycles men's suits- refound plants- decor from local flea markets and garage sales- and everything is solar powered!
they kept with the vertical garden theory, which works really well, outside and in

the bridal site upstairs was my personal favorite with found tiles lining the room that includes an open shower. ohlala. and a great 70's portrait upon entrance.

the spacious restroom under the loft has found doors as well as tile and has a wall lined with fan belts as a reminder that it once was an actual smog shop, which is quite charming.

of course, i entered at the tailend of the event and missed the "string theory" performance- which i heard was amazing. they create- for lack of another explanation- a large harp, using the room as anchors. its definitely performance art. they have a shoe at the ucla fowler museum on september 26th. i did have the pleasure of the picture booth (photos to follow) , their people were pretty great as well.

i look forward to working here,then i will have the opportunity to take better photos, plus i adore their ideas and personality that they put into everything.

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