Friday, September 5, 2008

obsession for the weekend- i scream

so- i have been having these visions of driving around in an old pink toned ice cream truck billowing sweet smelling goodness and followed by mesmerized children in frilly dresses.

i have not decided exactly what to vend. something homemade and delicious. these people have the right idea. just someone else that i am jealous of. or just update the traditional like these guys, i need to find an event to use them in, since they are available in la.

this is not the most rational idea for myself, so i am trying to convince some entrepreneurial friends of my brilliant idea. imagine eye glasses or organic pies and lunch goods.

there is a great example of the perfect truck close to my home. i always see it parked, and wonder where and what they do. i have a fantasy that they serve proper ice cream sundaes out of the big tubs with hot fudge and sprinkles while they play ragtime music, its that sort of nostalgic look that it has. i hope to find it over the weekend so i can post a few pictures to share.

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ana said...

look at this!
it reminded me of your ice cream truck obsession..