Monday, September 1, 2008

labor day means work...right?

well its not so much hard treacherous work or work that i don't like. everone that knows me knows that i adore and obsess over costumes all year long.
i am actually preparing for an oktoberfest event, hence working on the costumes/uniforms for my servers.
the host of the event had chosen a few from on-line costume shops. after purchasing the leiderhosen pieces i realized they were basically made out of wax paper and would have been like walking around in an overall windbreaker, super loud and crunchy.
i figured that the suspender pieces will be pretty easy, since i am only really good at sewing geometrical patterns. the challenge is going to be the shorts and dirndls for the ladies- who are pretty freaked out and shy about wearing such a thing- but fear not, they will be modest and sweet- at least my vision is.
wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

liz, you failed to mention the amazing 14 inch cameltoe that those leiderhosen give a man of a modest 6'2" stature.. uncool, just uncool.