Thursday, December 17, 2009


and shop.
i have a sad little bag filled with a few non descript gifts, nothing that i am very proud of distributing.
i am never this late, we don't even have a tree yet. on the more postive side, i have catered and attended a least a dozen parties so far, but it doesn't help the gift situation.
i also thought that i would purchase everything on the interweb (new integrated word for me), but i haven't been inspired by anything.
i need to do some super shopping, which is in the plans for this weekend.
i was thinking about getting everyone snuggie, then i found these.

but the price still leads me back to the snuggie.
at first i loved the name of the "sealpelt" but then i starting of thinking about those sweet furry white seals with the big eyes being skinned and it made me sad.

yea, my thoughts are a bit scattered

Thursday, December 10, 2009


this is where i left my heart?
at the office?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


that vietnamese coffee has kicked in and is in full effect right now. but i need it, to get through this month, although i cant keep a regular conversation because there is a hive of thoughts running through my little head.
lots of holiday soirees to sort out, THE birthday to figure out and embrace, company party to engage people, christmas & new years and what is included, all the while being in full construction on our new catering kitchen and offices.

i could just take a nap until its all over.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

next week. really?

i got a hiccup of anxiety for the holidays the other day.i just realized that thanksgiving was next week and i am unprepared for the christnnkuhwanza season ahead. this time every year i become aware that i have been in a time vacuum for the last 12 months.

first let's start with thanksgiving. our little family unit had gradually changed throughout the years and the last few have been spent with my mom and friends at the hollywood race track. dont cringe, its great. not the food, it is horrible but does the job of soaking up the bloody marys and gin fizzes. the whole gambling and people watching, giggling with my friends and sitting outside with the slight autumn chill. i have grown to love it. there is not any pressure for anything other than getting there in time for the first race.

this year the sister in law sent out invitations months ago to host it at their new house, that is in the process of being remodeled and will be on thanksgiving thursday. there was/is no way that i can get out of this one, but at least we will have a full yummy homemade thanksgiving finally. or so i thought. i am prepared to make the turkey, gravy, dressing, pies, greens and salad if i must, and it looks like i must right now.

i put too much pressure on myself and family to have a perfect season with perfect meals throughout. i apologize, i have to chill out, but i do have my preferences of having things fresh and delicious. canned veggies and frozen pies kinda freak me out. just think of what happens in those food processing plants and besides they just are not as good. i dont figure myself to be a snob, maybe a germaphobe with a particular palate, having worked directly with food for years. if i have to endure an entire day of the family i might as well drown myself in flakey lard ridden pie crusts, buttery potatoes, creamy gravy, and crispy turkey skin- you know the kind that everyone fights for.

the social thing sends me into a nervous bubble a bit too. i have yet to spent much time with this side of her family and there is already a little tension between a few members in my family. they are not drinkers so i cant use that cover, besides i think i have used that tactic a few too many times and i have to mend the reputation. i have calculated the time that i have to spend there without seeming too rude and cutting it short. so, should i spend the time playing with the 6 year olds or having conversations in which i have another one in my head at the same time, translating what i really want to say?

this year i am without a relationship to use as an excuse for being late or leaving, bummer. it's all on me and they might figure out that i really am the bitch that they had thought all this time.

happy thanksgiving!

Monday, November 2, 2009

to the jeff & edie fans

so yeah, i ended up doing the beale thing, completely appropriate considering my circumstance.

finally the brother and i were able to sit on a couch together. but dont think that it was without any pinching and teasing.

zoe was the best giesha.

and my favorite was taryn the monkey that demanded candy at every house and loved the pyscho billy band, but i have yet to get a great picture, but i will once i get one on here.

yeah im up late because of a westside wedding. super sweet couple but with entitled westside celebrity guests. i dont have much patience for all that. but the bride will go down in my memory as the most enthusiastic without being demanding or nuerotic.

Monday, October 26, 2009

what to do or be

halloween has snuck up on me again and like last year i am completely unprepared. normally i would have had a clear idea by now and have had all the little details dealt with. nope not this year.
these are the ideas that i am using to inspire me.

super easy and pretty but im not totally in love with it.

a little paper mache can go a long way.

with a big accordian collar this would be lovely.

there is a completely appropriate costume that lit a little lightbulb above my head about an hour ago..... edie beale, and i think i have all the necessary accessories for it.
watch out.

Friday, October 16, 2009


"where the wild things are" has arrived. i hope its worth all the hype. it goes to show that nostaglia really works for marketing. people are going bonkers for it. personally i am already over it. 3 months it will be on dvd and i can watch it without the hipsters.
it has inspired a whole design movement too. there is a pop-up shop at the space 15 in la on cahuenga, with costumes, forts and merch. i do want to check this out because its across the street from amoeba and 2 birds theory will come into effect.

then there was a fort contest.

i am going to wait for a cold day and get together my footed pjs, streamers and 5 year old niece and built one of our own.

its all brings back the sweet memories of the old book and creating imaginary friends and forts. to be 8 again, ahh.
but i will still wait.

Friday, September 25, 2009

the giants are coming.

i have been patiently waiting on the other half of my pictures from the other half of the vacation., thus so must you.
in the meantime, i have been dreaming of another trip, working hard and searching for some inspiration.

i found this this morning,

via hollister hovey.
dont you love it.

in case you didn't go to the link. its a festival in berlin that revolves around the story of the little giantess and her uncle, she sailed around on a boat he built, he went swimming in search of a geyser, came back to the little one and they both walked through the city in search of something else. others have told the story better, but you get the idea.

the puppeteers from royal de luxe are brilliant. besides the fact that jean luc courcoult started his troupe in aix, the first place that i left my heart (since then it has been additionally scattered elsewhere).

hmmm berlin, next october?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sweet home

this is going to be the most boring post but...
i made it back and am finally having a bout of jet lag after all these years. the moments i awaken i am confused and when i realize where i am, i am immediately tired.
i have yet to deal with pictures or thoughts about the trip because i am swamped in the event world. so i apologize. i will be back shortly, trying to entrance you with my forced wit.

inserted just for visual appeal.

Monday, August 10, 2009


once you think you know someone they always seem to show you different. i have always heard this but never really realized it until recently.
come, my sister in law. we have had our "issues", and lately it has been pretty good. she is super smart but i never thought that she had any wit, until i was confronted by this--

liz's english-spanish translations:

this is not my natural hair color. I was born in tegulcigalpa.
esta no es ni color de cabello natural. nacio en tagulcigalpa.

my parents have no money and will not pay a ransom.
mis padres no tienen dinero y no pagar un rescate.

my male escort just walked away for a minute. he is a professional football player.
mi acompanante masculino solo se alejo por un minuto. el es un jugador de futbol profesional.

no roasted monkey for me, thanks. i had monkey for lunch.
no mono gracias. tenia mono para el almuerza.

this morning is brushed my teeth with tequila because i'm scared to drink the water.
esta manana he cepillado los dientes, con tequila, porque tengo miedo a beber el agua.

if found, please return to south pasadena. thank you- this should be pinned to your shirt
si se encuentra, por favor regrese el sur de pasadena. gracias.

i laughed then surprised then impressed.
she most likely had more fun looking up the translation than to the quotes itself, but it doesnt matter.

im off on to a little hippy vacation without any real plans or reservations. i should be nervous but im not. im more nervouse about coming back to make concrete choices.

my phone will be on and i will be fully communicative if you need me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

found her!

yea, its a her, its proclaimed "ice princess", and she has been my inspiration for a while, so much that i have an idea up my sleeve in tribute, i mentioned this way early in this silly blog.

there is a 50/50 chance of seeing her, and i finally caught up wth her when i had my camera on me, which isnt an epiphiny when you realize that there is one in your phone.
its the perfect size for me, us.
there is a phone number on the side that i should call to offer them a number that they could not refuse, because if anything, i know it runs.
to be continued....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

movie night-s

i cant wait to see these in 6 months. thats the amount of time that it will take for them to come out on dvd. i find it hard to put aside a couple hours to sit comfortably and watch a movie in a theatre, or even at home. i feel like im wasting time or missing something- regrettably., but usually i just fall asleep. i guess i have to chill out, with my eyes open.

plus a few others.

let me just say this while i am here- please stop making remakes of previous films or classic tv shows! there are untouched brilliant books, screenplays and ideas out there. who is charge of financing "land of the lost" or the most recent "footloose? they surely are not making any effort and fucking up everyone else's cherished memories of the original. what a waste. i personally will never really know because i wont waste another couple of hours, but wait, i don't anyway, so my opinion doesn't really count.
so i will continue to spend late nights on my couch, because of the unfortunate theatre situation. but here i can stop and resume the next day, ahhh.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


i am normally not one for a house guest. i am stuck in my irregualr routine and get easily annoyed, especially in the mornings. i will put on a pretty and welcoming face but inside i am begging for the time to do the things i do. i express how much i would be happy for someone to vist, but the reality is that, there is a great hotel down th road that has someone paid to wake them up with bagels and a smile on their face.
this all goes to sat that dogs are different, kinda, sure- have them stay here, its way easier than hauling my ass over to your house a few times a day and they will keep my grumpy dogs company, they will be happy with a friend to play with. yeah yeah.
my dogs are rough. one (bud) is ancient and could care less if another dog is around unless they try to receive a treat or love before him. another (max) is a little like jeckel and hyde. he is a big snugglepuss,but hates men and has a tendency to growl a lot, which becomes intimidating is you aren't familar with his demeanor.
our weeklong house guest is "wally" a six moth old boston terrier that hasn't had any kind of training or discipline, therefore he is completely absorbing my dogs horrible bad habits. its started off fine. bud kept to himself, max had an eye open for the new kid. but by the end of the week all hell's grab ass fest broke loose. hours upon hours of sniffing licking, growling, snorting, chasing and mounting were happening. i love this little dog and his innocent alien bulging eyes, but i cant take it anymore- come over for day trips with a sedative.

i will miss you when you are gone though.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


i saved this video a while back. i know its the typical baby-tronics,, we all think they are cute, piece of crappy film. sorta like that one scary animated baby that danced, but better and with more flair.
anyway- while half way listening to some non informative morning news program this morning. i was assaulted by the loud sound of forced laughter by these mannequins on tv, so i turned around, only to find my hidden guilty pleasure televised. my secret is out
i still think they are cute though...shh

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


i think it was last week, there was a little note on my desk.
i kept it to the right of my keyboard to remind me to return it to loop who was the rightful owner, clearly because of the genletmanly penmanship.

me- loop,can you explain this scribble that you left for me?
( i was sure it was going to be some hipster tips)
loop- tell me what it says
me- this is one of those lame jokes to make me look like an ass as always
(remembering the time that they made me read something about being retarded but still mumbling the note under my breath)
loop- no really, it will make sense and i left it after you did something nice to me.
me- um..... franks salon miss all links whiff.. i don't get it
loop- faster and with an accent
me- (in an atrocious not descript accent) sanks alot miss all lings whiff, fuck off
justin- (interupting to the most obvious, in the usual bad british accent) sanks alot miiss ollingsworth
o thanks a lot miss hollingsworth
you are welcome

this makes me realize that i should start thinking outside my little box, and create an accent of my own.

Monday, June 29, 2009


i love this time of year, all the flowers are blooming and the fruit is the best of the season.
i prefer the farmer's market in alhambra, its the closest and less crowded and have a diverse selection thanks the proximity of monterey park and its on sunday, so i can hopefully have at least one day of sleeping in. this sunday i was on the hunt for something to can or pickle or bake, besides the usual that i would need for the week.

these white apricots were irresistible, they are so soft and beautiful, along with being super sweet. i think i am going to eat these straight up and next week when i get more im going to fondle them and then make them into ice cream with lavender for the 4th.

then i found pickling cucumbers, the season flies by and i normally miss the time when these are the best so i am excited to finally catch these. they are going to become zesty bread and butter pickles, a little experiment of mine, stay tuned.

kumquats are at the end of their time but i picked up lots for nothing and made almond candied kumquats, that i will use as a garnish on chocolate tartlettes and almond cupcakes.

i got a bunch more but nothing as exciting for me as these.
sorry to bore you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

screw you

or those of you that think that it is time for me to start covering the grey, and not with a hat.
she is grey and gorgeous

besides the fact that i am low maintenance (nice way of not admitting, lazy), i dont think that my original color comes in a bottle and the closest hue might make me look like an insane middle aged circus clown. so.. i am going to proudly tramp around with these little white wirey hairs that are quickly multiplying.

Monday, June 22, 2009


its summer solstice and strangely enough i cant feel it. in normal times it has been sahara hot , i am not complaining by any means , but the anticipation of the heat is pushing me to an unusual retail edge, i have completely stocked up on my summer and travel goods, and am prepared for the barbeque, swimming (guh) and travel.
alongside, today is dad's day. happy fathers day to all.

i think steve will like a picture of himself.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

pack rat

is it wrong for me to adore the clutter in my office/craft/catchall room?

some would say yeah, but i like my crap. i realize that i collect too much but at this point its a compulsion.
i have a few completely different vignettes around and this one was dismantled due to spring cleaning and i needed the memory of it to remind me of what a weirdo i am.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

mr beakman

aka: paul zaloom

i recently caught his show on a rare lazy saturday morning, and i wondered how old he was now and what happened to him. i admittingly watched and like the show although lisa's voice kinda drives me crazy.
shortly after this personal revelation this article came out in the la times. mr. beakman, i mean zaloom, has a better natural name and looks much cooler than his spazzy character, but is on the same eccentric level.
he lives in a tiny back house on the westside filled with found art and tchotches. id like to figure myself similar but im not sure. im sure that i like all the trinkets and oddities though.

i tend to purchase and display unusual findings rather than keep up with a "look" too. i think we might be related, or should be.

Friday, June 12, 2009

is it wrong,

to be insanely jealous of this little girl and have the urge to violently kick her out of her own room so that i could enjoy it for myself?
yes, i like the brilliant colors, the artwork and most of all the bed, not only because i have a penchant for beds, but because its fancy, orange and plushy.

if i remember correctly my childhood room was filled with pink laura ashley flowers, white lacquered furniture and a disgusting pile of stuffed animals, sure it sounds ok, but believe me, in hindsight it wasnt very inspiring.

Monday, June 8, 2009

los jacarandas

i told you.
they are pretty, right?
the colors of these trees are always nostalgic to me. it makes me relove pasadena. i remember back in the day when we would walk back and forth from school and they were blooming, kids are missing that enjoyment. f**k i feel like teasing myself about my age right now.

i love these gloomy days before the heat waves, but im still a little sleepy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

june gloom shroom

its dark outside and the lilac jacarandas are glowing. this weather is lovely but its making me sleepy.

the only problem is that i dont have the time to sleep, another weekend of weddings, flower mart, music, flea market, gardening, and im going to try to grab the zoe and go to UP.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

birthday bento boxes

this month is chocked up with birthdays. i knew i was close to too many geminis.
i have found where i am going to take everyone on their birthday. my favorite sushi place- oba. they have the best sushi in town as well as the sweetest faces. their udon is not that bad either, but i am sitting here with a burnt tongue from it. the best part is they will draw your face in strawberry slurry for your birthday! sweet!

barbara was first.

then came justin, in that exact order.

Friday, May 29, 2009


this has made the rounds through all the best wedding blogs and i just cant stop watching it.

i need a video camera.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

memorial crawfish

or crawdads or whatever you call them.
i picked up 90 lbs of crawfish and crabs on friday, hoping that i could be nurturing enough to keep them alive until the monday holiday.
mostly we played with them and had races. but they didnt seem to mind. with a little watering and attention they were fine.
come monday, i had to cook off the crabs early because they are a bit sensitive, but tasted delicious nonetheless, once i reheated them in swamp mud straight from staci's hands in the bayou.

crawfish are basically cockroaches so they kept well in their little cardboard habitat.

there were a few good eaters and i was a little nervous because its not for the queasy, but once you get beyond the guts, they are so good.
miss julia fished out the crawfish and entertained the crowd.
cherise graced us with her efferecence presence.
and finally i was finally able to spend time with my evil twin (or maybe its the other way around).
and luckily the huntington crew came.

thanks to everyone else that helped me out and showed up, you are loved by me. especially contessa rachel, mrs. lutter, grumpy cupcake, the prietto saga, haro twins, supernova warehouse and edie beale.

now all i have to do for the rest of the season is paint my nails and plan my trip to panama in august- o and a few other events in the make up.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh, the talent

that i, even in another time would never have, and am sorta jealous. julia is pretty and amazing.

Friday, May 15, 2009


justin pointed out that cooking puts me in a good mood, rolling my eyes i tend to agree with him. even the skeptical seem to believe. i haven't had much time or spirit to put into a hot pan for a while unless it was for good cause, in which it was.
lime tartlette with almond crust and blackberry- no glaze, and bittersweet mocha with pistachio nut- one. color coordination not intended but it helps.
inquire within for recipe, or show up on the 25th for a bite.
sorry about the crappy picture

Sunday, May 10, 2009

note to self

and everyone else, do not patronize the los angeles flower market anywhere near mother's day if you can help it. way.... too crowded with clueless people and my vendors raised their prices for the day.
 but they still had a few amazing seasonal flowers and i walked away pleased and with a noseful of delight, including the bacon wrapped hot dog whiff as i left the building. mmm

happy mom's day to all. 
i spent it with my little pseudo little one zoe and the moms.
i love my mom, edie beale 

Friday, May 8, 2009

the things we do

i have been a bit distracted lately (for good reason) and have spent a fair amount of time perusing websites and blogs for some inspiration. that accounts for the more frequent posts.
i have a long list of event, wedding and food ideas, but the longer i sit on them the more mundane i believe they are. i will eventually post the best of the best but for right now, i am all about the more inane subjects.
this site is one of my recent favorites. it has text messages from the previous night that are often fueled with alcohol and are hilarious. the postings make me think that everything will be ok and give me a bellyache from laughing and question my humor.


(305): Imagine two people making love on top of a unicorn . . . my life is the opposite of that


(505): You should really figure out how to get me a picture that will pop up on my phone when you call
(720): Just upload a picture of Bea Arthur. That's what my soul looks like these days

(973): On a scale from 0 to 24...wait, 3 to 24, where 6 is the lowest and 12 is the highest, how freaking high re you right now?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

song of the day

there are not any undertones here, i just like the song- both ways

im sure that i can find someone to dedicate this to though.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

foot frenzy

new season, new shoes, and i have a little obsession right now.
summer shoes to deliberate.

not sure who does these but i think im in love- from garance dore
im getting tired (as well as those who know me) of chucks year-round, these are the perfect substitute.


the only reason that i even considered these before was because i liked the fact that they donate a pair to a child in need when you purchase one, and that the owner blake mycoskie is hawt. the usual ones look too slipper-like, but these might work.

see, retail therapy does work, im feeling a little giddy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

how to mend a broken heart

eat?, nah no appetite
shop? maybe, but ....
grocery shop? at bit of both and so satisfying. even if it was for work. but i do get a little excited about going into a new exotic market, call me weird, it wouldn't be the first time.
ranch 99 was a little therapy, some giggles and knowledge- every time, even if i do get funny looks from the regulars.
the biggest korean pears that i have seen yet. crunchy and super sweet. 

i just like the random name, makes me laugh inside- still.
hmm, i am feeling empathic to the name.
i tried to take a picture of this once before but got the mean eye from the fishmonger.