Tuesday, June 16, 2009

mr beakman

aka: paul zaloom

i recently caught his show on a rare lazy saturday morning, and i wondered how old he was now and what happened to him. i admittingly watched and like the show although lisa's voice kinda drives me crazy.
shortly after this personal revelation this article came out in the la times. mr. beakman, i mean zaloom, has a better natural name and looks much cooler than his spazzy character, but is on the same eccentric level.
he lives in a tiny back house on the westside filled with found art and tchotches. id like to figure myself similar but im not sure. im sure that i like all the trinkets and oddities though.

i tend to purchase and display unusual findings rather than keep up with a "look" too. i think we might be related, or should be.

1 comment:

ana said...

that guy in the rat outfit used to creeped me out!
i liked bill nye the science guy!