Saturday, January 31, 2009

go carla!

i must have said before how much i get sucked into reality tv, especially the competitive kind. top chef and top design (nevermind, rock of love- shh) are my favorite, but the last few season they have sorta lost my interest for being too safe and lukewarm. don't these producers know that there needs to be one contestant that is the catalyst for drama- perfect tv- if i do say so.
i am declaring one of my all time favorites as carla, on this seasons top chef. she is super, not only is her defense for a crappy dish is that it was cooked with love, and she is a caterer by trade (yeah), but her eyes speak for herself.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

mark ryden.

my obession with mark ryden peaked a few (8 or more) years back when he lived in the penthouse at the castle green in pasadena. at the time i was unsure it was him but upon leaving it hit me. his place was pretty stark for such a large loft, and there were linear rows of dolls heads, toys, and stuff. so much that it made you squint to want to look harder and closer, i just wanted to sit on the floor and chat.
the other day i heard that he was going to have a signing at moca on the 31st. i would totally go if i could stomach crowds and such , but that said im going to say put and just think about his recent work, besides i didn't go to martha's in december, so why would i go to his?

he did this with marion peck and there's a book to go along with it. you will spend the next 2 hours sining this song and thinking about barfing.

then he collaborated with nogi noda to do a line of clothing- broken label. 
 Wp-Content Uploads 2009 01 Picture-11
 Style Council 2009 01 09 Meatmeat

i am not so gothic anymore, but i still like his darkly dreamy work.
this is probably old news, and if it's redundant to you. you can always go the perezhilton for more current shit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

so much more obama

yes, i am caught up in the whirlwind of politics, thankfully.

i am white and embracing what's right.

Monday, January 19, 2009

in anticipation...

i will share some of my collection of obama pictures and such.

there will be more tomorrow.
and if you are in the neighborhood, you can stop by my office for frittatas and mimosas, in celebration.

rex the dog

yaz brings me back to the 8o's
and rex is cute and inspirational 

Friday, January 16, 2009

if only..

i peruse the wedding and event blogs and figure that i am just not that girl, because i dont like staged photos or events. i was explaining to a friend the other day that the event community needs more humor. its not about perfection, it should be about the personal touches and fun. its not that i dont like pretty, i do, i just dont like stuffy.

this is good. i just found this at rocknroll bride and am a bit obsessed with her blog since. 

they are rad.

i love the un-self-conscious-ness of  being naked. i need that confidence (and body ,would help) but i do have a green gorilla outfit (not that im planning), so grumpy would have to be the one naked. ha

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

come to l.a.

i am always attracted to the free art that graffitists and shepard fairey-like artistes put up throughout town. the most clever are my favorite.
there is one around the corner from me that is a stencil of the ex- president bush

but dan witz is doing it with the best humor in new york.


i have never prided myself as having a green thumb. it seems that the only plants that continue to grow around me are super tolerant and weedlike, such as rosemary and maybe geraniums.
but i never thought that it was even possible to shrivel up a cactus like i have- yes, i watered it once. the little guy just gave up and bent over in defeat the other day. its quite pathetic, but sorta cute, right?

Monday, January 12, 2009

just relax...

its been a while that i have been able to restfully sleep in on the weekend- someone is always asking me if i am going to sleep all day at 8am- and the last month i was too occupied in my head to get any really good sleep- and there was major shopping to do- and to ready the house for guests- and to figure out what i could impress visitors with in the kitchen.
the weekends are too precious to rush around and not have anything to show for it, so i am making a change to enjoy these 2 days out of the week to chill out, visit friends, watch movies,pick my nose, paint my nails and to catch up on the stack of books and magazines on the bedside table- to do all these things without feeling guilty or lazy. so there.
besides it was such a nice warm day in january to pass up.

Monday, January 5, 2009

nip and tuck and more needed

this is a reason to keep the tivo going, i am so excited and the promos are helping.i love the gothic ethel merman style to the kanye (don't be a hater)music.

its been an eventful week so early in the year, and for that i am pretty sad, for many reasons. but i look forward to a better, more organized, lovingly, prosperous, and eventful (by all means) year!
i dont want to wait til there is not any time left to make the big plans i have and to say the things that i mean- or to watch nip and tuck, but its not going to be the same since that whore moved to the new 90210.