Monday, January 5, 2009

nip and tuck and more needed

this is a reason to keep the tivo going, i am so excited and the promos are helping.i love the gothic ethel merman style to the kanye (don't be a hater)music.

its been an eventful week so early in the year, and for that i am pretty sad, for many reasons. but i look forward to a better, more organized, lovingly, prosperous, and eventful (by all means) year!
i dont want to wait til there is not any time left to make the big plans i have and to say the things that i mean- or to watch nip and tuck, but its not going to be the same since that whore moved to the new 90210.

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Jennifer said...

ahh i am so so hooked on nip/tuck. i just started watching it last season but i can't stop. so glad it's back!