Thursday, January 29, 2009

mark ryden.

my obession with mark ryden peaked a few (8 or more) years back when he lived in the penthouse at the castle green in pasadena. at the time i was unsure it was him but upon leaving it hit me. his place was pretty stark for such a large loft, and there were linear rows of dolls heads, toys, and stuff. so much that it made you squint to want to look harder and closer, i just wanted to sit on the floor and chat.
the other day i heard that he was going to have a signing at moca on the 31st. i would totally go if i could stomach crowds and such , but that said im going to say put and just think about his recent work, besides i didn't go to martha's in december, so why would i go to his?

he did this with marion peck and there's a book to go along with it. you will spend the next 2 hours sining this song and thinking about barfing.

then he collaborated with nogi noda to do a line of clothing- broken label. 
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 Style Council 2009 01 09 Meatmeat

i am not so gothic anymore, but i still like his darkly dreamy work.
this is probably old news, and if it's redundant to you. you can always go the perezhilton for more current shit.

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