Monday, January 12, 2009

just relax...

its been a while that i have been able to restfully sleep in on the weekend- someone is always asking me if i am going to sleep all day at 8am- and the last month i was too occupied in my head to get any really good sleep- and there was major shopping to do- and to ready the house for guests- and to figure out what i could impress visitors with in the kitchen.
the weekends are too precious to rush around and not have anything to show for it, so i am making a change to enjoy these 2 days out of the week to chill out, visit friends, watch movies,pick my nose, paint my nails and to catch up on the stack of books and magazines on the bedside table- to do all these things without feeling guilty or lazy. so there.
besides it was such a nice warm day in january to pass up.

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