Monday, March 30, 2009

food week

since of the lack of nicotine, i have been feeding my oral addition with food, of course.
this week i am going to round up all my food pictures and post them, bad and good. starting here.

saturday was a hectic day with flower mart, breakfast, ikea, howes, wedding set up, all by 3 o'clock. but back to the breakfast, at nickel diner on main just around the corner from the flower mart, so convenient at the time. 

i have heard a lot about this place and their bacon doughnuts. i ordered them to-go, so i could eat them on the couch, so if i happened to clog an artery i would be comfortable in my final moments- honestly i gave them away, but the bite i did have was greasy and sugary and salty and tasty. bacon grease is the nectar of the gods.
i had the fontina, ham and leek scramble, fluffy and yummy. i thought that i might change my opinion about grits when i ordered them as polenta, didn't work, grits are just not my thing.
mom had the dutch apple pancake, mmm. almost like custard with crispy crepe edges.
i'd go back.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

and i thought that i liked the brits

a little ginger never hurt anyone, just ask my mark.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


am i one of the only ones that think that twitter bites. tell me, who has the time or anything informative to posts multiple times of the day. even if they were a little bit interesting i wouldn't have the attention span to read each one, i dunno, i seem to find it a bit obsessive and annoying, i have peeked into this strange, much talked about phenom, but am scared and put off by it. i hope i have not offended anyone , but i really hope this strange instant gratification passes quickly.

Friday, March 13, 2009

the moment i thought it was over

the market has become over-saturated with silhouettes, i even participated in the craze over the holidays, but lately it has become clear this theme is going to be put into the file along with mustaches and feathers for 2008. i love them all but once it gets going its hard to stop and becomes a bit unoriginal.
i had this theory until i came across etsywedding. she has a great post with a couple of sillouette artists:
Leaf Silhouette Custom Portrait
and turnyourhead- love the secret in these, especially the couple one.
Chic Pirolette
* maybe i can validate this purchase with my extra ciggie money- and yeah its still really hard!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

like ,omg

jonathon alder created barbie's dreamhouse in malibu for her 50th birthday. i love the idea, and the adler influence and most of the pepto pink, but the hair chandelier freaks me out a little bit.

ok, most of it is pretty gross, but isn't that what barbie is all about? 
makes me hungry for good and plenty

Monday, March 9, 2009


i was fully prepared for this whole process to be hard, but nobody ever told me that i would be close to losing my mind.
i have these little conversations in my head, not unlike the angels on both shoulders. on one hand i will validate a devilish reason to smoke while the other fights it and becomes the rational angelic side. its been a continuous fight within my head. at times i feel a little psychotic. i just figure that after a couple of days this will surpass and become easier.
until then, i am feeling like i need a straight-jacket. ugh.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

this might be a mistake

so, yeah, i smoke, have been for longer than i would like to admit.
i have always denied that i will eventually have to stop and have been waiting for a good reason besides the curdling cough that comes up every once in a while. as time goes by and i don't have any significant health concerns or babies to weigh in the guilt, i think i might have to quit for myself.
ahhhh, not only have i said it out loud, i actually wrote it, for the world to see and to hold me up to my word. f***, this is dangerous.
i am just tired of everything about it.
i do have one pack left and am going to smoke every last bit of every 20 cigarettes in there, but after that...
so, i will be fighting the monster and trying to make it look easy and mourning the loss of my cherished friend. so please excuse me. and be nice to me. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

for sure

this makes me feel normal, relatively.