Monday, March 30, 2009

food week

since of the lack of nicotine, i have been feeding my oral addition with food, of course.
this week i am going to round up all my food pictures and post them, bad and good. starting here.

saturday was a hectic day with flower mart, breakfast, ikea, howes, wedding set up, all by 3 o'clock. but back to the breakfast, at nickel diner on main just around the corner from the flower mart, so convenient at the time. 

i have heard a lot about this place and their bacon doughnuts. i ordered them to-go, so i could eat them on the couch, so if i happened to clog an artery i would be comfortable in my final moments- honestly i gave them away, but the bite i did have was greasy and sugary and salty and tasty. bacon grease is the nectar of the gods.
i had the fontina, ham and leek scramble, fluffy and yummy. i thought that i might change my opinion about grits when i ordered them as polenta, didn't work, grits are just not my thing.
mom had the dutch apple pancake, mmm. almost like custard with crispy crepe edges.
i'd go back.

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Anonymous said...

mmm... dutch pancakes!! and i'll also take of those heart-attack donuts please.