Tuesday, March 17, 2009


am i one of the only ones that think that twitter bites. tell me, who has the time or anything informative to posts multiple times of the day. even if they were a little bit interesting i wouldn't have the attention span to read each one, i dunno, i seem to find it a bit obsessive and annoying, i have peeked into this strange, much talked about phenom, but am scared and put off by it. i hope i have not offended anyone , but i really hope this strange instant gratification passes quickly.


lynard said...

good, so now i'll follow you.

Anonymous said...

liz! i have a ring for you. well, made two, cuz had to approximate the size (found a "6" finger n it was slightly big. ha!) yea..need to get me one of those fingerstick measurers. ps. don't know much bout twitter either, but im liking that mold picture

Kara said...

i too am freaked about by twitter!!

Paris Atelier said...

I totally agree, I tried it but don't get the point :) Tweet that Twitter! :)
I'm loving your blog!