Monday, June 29, 2009


i love this time of year, all the flowers are blooming and the fruit is the best of the season.
i prefer the farmer's market in alhambra, its the closest and less crowded and have a diverse selection thanks the proximity of monterey park and its on sunday, so i can hopefully have at least one day of sleeping in. this sunday i was on the hunt for something to can or pickle or bake, besides the usual that i would need for the week.

these white apricots were irresistible, they are so soft and beautiful, along with being super sweet. i think i am going to eat these straight up and next week when i get more im going to fondle them and then make them into ice cream with lavender for the 4th.

then i found pickling cucumbers, the season flies by and i normally miss the time when these are the best so i am excited to finally catch these. they are going to become zesty bread and butter pickles, a little experiment of mine, stay tuned.

kumquats are at the end of their time but i picked up lots for nothing and made almond candied kumquats, that i will use as a garnish on chocolate tartlettes and almond cupcakes.

i got a bunch more but nothing as exciting for me as these.
sorry to bore you.

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lynn said...

i want some pickles when you are done and i have an entire kumquat tree full of fruit, come get it!!!