Tuesday, July 7, 2009


i think it was last week, there was a little note on my desk.
i kept it to the right of my keyboard to remind me to return it to loop who was the rightful owner, clearly because of the genletmanly penmanship.

me- loop,can you explain this scribble that you left for me?
( i was sure it was going to be some hipster tips)
loop- tell me what it says
me- this is one of those lame jokes to make me look like an ass as always
(remembering the time that they made me read something about being retarded but still mumbling the note under my breath)
loop- no really, it will make sense and i left it after you did something nice to me.
me- um..... franks salon miss all links whiff.. i don't get it
loop- faster and with an accent
me- (in an atrocious not descript accent) sanks alot miss all lings whiff, fuck off
justin- (interupting to the most obvious, in the usual bad british accent) sanks alot miiss ollingsworth
o thanks a lot miss hollingsworth
you are welcome

this makes me realize that i should start thinking outside my little box, and create an accent of my own.

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ana said...

ha! that's hilarious!