Saturday, July 18, 2009


i am normally not one for a house guest. i am stuck in my irregualr routine and get easily annoyed, especially in the mornings. i will put on a pretty and welcoming face but inside i am begging for the time to do the things i do. i express how much i would be happy for someone to vist, but the reality is that, there is a great hotel down th road that has someone paid to wake them up with bagels and a smile on their face.
this all goes to sat that dogs are different, kinda, sure- have them stay here, its way easier than hauling my ass over to your house a few times a day and they will keep my grumpy dogs company, they will be happy with a friend to play with. yeah yeah.
my dogs are rough. one (bud) is ancient and could care less if another dog is around unless they try to receive a treat or love before him. another (max) is a little like jeckel and hyde. he is a big snugglepuss,but hates men and has a tendency to growl a lot, which becomes intimidating is you aren't familar with his demeanor.
our weeklong house guest is "wally" a six moth old boston terrier that hasn't had any kind of training or discipline, therefore he is completely absorbing my dogs horrible bad habits. its started off fine. bud kept to himself, max had an eye open for the new kid. but by the end of the week all hell's grab ass fest broke loose. hours upon hours of sniffing licking, growling, snorting, chasing and mounting were happening. i love this little dog and his innocent alien bulging eyes, but i cant take it anymore- come over for day trips with a sedative.

i will miss you when you are gone though.

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