Wednesday, July 22, 2009

movie night-s

i cant wait to see these in 6 months. thats the amount of time that it will take for them to come out on dvd. i find it hard to put aside a couple hours to sit comfortably and watch a movie in a theatre, or even at home. i feel like im wasting time or missing something- regrettably., but usually i just fall asleep. i guess i have to chill out, with my eyes open.

plus a few others.

let me just say this while i am here- please stop making remakes of previous films or classic tv shows! there are untouched brilliant books, screenplays and ideas out there. who is charge of financing "land of the lost" or the most recent "footloose? they surely are not making any effort and fucking up everyone else's cherished memories of the original. what a waste. i personally will never really know because i wont waste another couple of hours, but wait, i don't anyway, so my opinion doesn't really count.
so i will continue to spend late nights on my couch, because of the unfortunate theatre situation. but here i can stop and resume the next day, ahhh.

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