Monday, August 10, 2009


once you think you know someone they always seem to show you different. i have always heard this but never really realized it until recently.
come, my sister in law. we have had our "issues", and lately it has been pretty good. she is super smart but i never thought that she had any wit, until i was confronted by this--

liz's english-spanish translations:

this is not my natural hair color. I was born in tegulcigalpa.
esta no es ni color de cabello natural. nacio en tagulcigalpa.

my parents have no money and will not pay a ransom.
mis padres no tienen dinero y no pagar un rescate.

my male escort just walked away for a minute. he is a professional football player.
mi acompanante masculino solo se alejo por un minuto. el es un jugador de futbol profesional.

no roasted monkey for me, thanks. i had monkey for lunch.
no mono gracias. tenia mono para el almuerza.

this morning is brushed my teeth with tequila because i'm scared to drink the water.
esta manana he cepillado los dientes, con tequila, porque tengo miedo a beber el agua.

if found, please return to south pasadena. thank you- this should be pinned to your shirt
si se encuentra, por favor regrese el sur de pasadena. gracias.

i laughed then surprised then impressed.
she most likely had more fun looking up the translation than to the quotes itself, but it doesnt matter.

im off on to a little hippy vacation without any real plans or reservations. i should be nervous but im not. im more nervouse about coming back to make concrete choices.

my phone will be on and i will be fully communicative if you need me.

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