Friday, October 16, 2009


"where the wild things are" has arrived. i hope its worth all the hype. it goes to show that nostaglia really works for marketing. people are going bonkers for it. personally i am already over it. 3 months it will be on dvd and i can watch it without the hipsters.
it has inspired a whole design movement too. there is a pop-up shop at the space 15 in la on cahuenga, with costumes, forts and merch. i do want to check this out because its across the street from amoeba and 2 birds theory will come into effect.

then there was a fort contest.

i am going to wait for a cold day and get together my footed pjs, streamers and 5 year old niece and built one of our own.

its all brings back the sweet memories of the old book and creating imaginary friends and forts. to be 8 again, ahh.
but i will still wait.

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