Tuesday, September 30, 2008

makes me sleepy

i promised myself that i would be a little different and not post what other blogs post, i sorta knew that i would break this promise because there are so many great blogs and people that i follow weekly if not daily.
my memory is getting bad and i regrettfully forget the links that i find for some of my pictures. previous to this blog, i just pulled the pictures that inspired me. to those artistes i completely apologize. they deserve the recognition for all the creativity and work that they inspire.
i found this a while back and often ponder the thought of waking up to this and if i can personally pull this embroidery - i found the genius behind this one.

i found this the other day at one of my daily peeks at design crush.

i found this in grumpy's photo files and it makes me think that it's his unintentional try at the above, and it makes me laugh a lot.

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