Monday, September 8, 2008

no truck, big bug

although my quest for the i scream truck failed miserably, we did happen across a lovely little- ok semi big- praying mantis.
isn't it annoying when you see something everyday and when you finally decide to approach it. it disappears. i am still determined to find that pretty pink truck and share it because it is too good.

as for the praying mantis- it happened upon the newly claimed photographer extraordinaire's (grumpy cupcake) camera during an evening of gluttony. he stayed around until the next day and was the affection of everyone's attention, especially our little zoe- and didn't seem to mind, that is why grumpy thought he might be a tamed insect- to my disbelief. she may still be on the stick plant right now, i have yet to check. i hope she finds it comfortable in the garden.

i love that the praying mantis is considered noble and a good omen, besides the fact that it is a strong female- teehee.

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