Friday, September 19, 2008

the toffolis

hold on tight, the last posting was so lukewarm that i had to put something a little more inspirational and pretty.
thanks to jac photography, i received these beautiful pictures. jaimie and chris are super nice and truly talented.
sarah and chris were married in august and had their reception at pmca in pasadena. they had the theme of a corporate merger and went with it all the way from their invites to their decor, with the help of the groom's brother, the talented, brian tofolli.
They created a brand that was used on the t-shirts for the catering staff and moving boxes set up by the bar.
The food ended up being very simple and sweet, with a slider and gourmet fry station and a diverse dessert/cake table.

the decor was all about orange in a contemporary way.

and here is sarah and chris toffoli. the best thing about jac's pictures and the wedding party is that everyone had a grin on their face the entire time.

and just how beautiful and original is the bride's dress. i love it!