Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i dont like change

when gus's reopened as the "new and improved" vegas stylized bbq joint. i was never really open to the idea. i loved the beehived waitresses and runny bbq sauce of the original, i did not see any reason to change my monthly beer and pork sandwich. i did patronize gus's after it opened and received rave review. my review- eh?, totally different bbq idea, over stylized bar, i don't have a strong reason to dislike it other than they changed my neighborhood spot and i miss it.
so... with that issue that i carry, i still decided to go to the boat to check out how they f***ed up this favorite of mine. 
during construction, we kept having conversations about how it will never be the same because the layout was so funky and unconventional, we kept watching for the ship facade to go back up in anticipation for the steak fries and saucy burger. we frequented clearman's as a substitute, not the same. once it did reopen, lines were out the door every time we passed by. then to my glee, one day the line was unpronounced from the outside and we decided to risk it and enter with our mouths watering.
they kept the same idea of the cafeteria line through they galley, in which i quickly caught on, but they added another line for salads (?), that was confusing and i pretended that it wasn't even there. we ordered burger fries, half and half salad and the much. loved super greasy bread, mmm. after paying we hurriedly sought a seat. they too decided to redo the bar vegas style, as a matter of fact it is totally similar with all the dark wood paneling and less loving. we ended up sitting at the bar because it was closer to beer.
overall- good food, same food, i think prices went up a little though. ambience- eh, newer doesn't necessarily mean better, more smaller tvs like vegas sport book rooms, divider of glassed ship models (whatever), but they did save most of the over shellaced tables, yeah!

tastes like the good ole days.
i swear i do eat well most of the time, i guess the only time i get excited is when its good greasy stuff.

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