Thursday, December 11, 2008


i frequent the local swap meets, searching for the perfect tchotke to add to my collections. most times i window shop, it really depends upon my mood. i only ask about something if i really want to purchase it. i have to change this and get over my shyness to get a better idea of what things are worth and where i can get the best deals.
last sunday was pcc and i had some good luck, so much so that i had to leave early for fear that i would spend all of the christmas budget on myself.
i bought a handful of big buttons for a scarf project i am working on
a a blue ceramic barrel pitcher
some air plant for gifts (the only thing not for me)
and a beautiful vase with cherries and string around the mouth. this was too good to pass up.

and to go with the season everyone had their christmas things out. i saw these two trees that i loved but don't have anymore space for christmas crap.
i loved this tree the white leaves were of heavy white paper, i should have bought it.

i tend to stay away from drowning in silver tinsel and trees during the holidays, but i like this one because there where a starburst/flower on the branches.

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