Tuesday, December 2, 2008

trees and cards and presents, oh my

jaimie lidell has a voice that we all have heard before and can place it between terence d'arby from the eighties and someone else. i am digging it right now though, this video reminds of my all time favorite from julien dore (past post). i am using this as an ode to grumpy after i took after his nickname and to liven up a little bit for the holidays.

i made it back from the brutal desert. it was an experience with new faces and i plan on placing a few pictures here, but i have to gather my thoughts first. i went straight to work after 4 days, and felt a bit of holiday anxiety.
december always puts me in a mood. i wish it was easy and that i could go through it unscathed, but the truth is i feel overwhelmed and grouchy most of the time, and poor grumpy gets the worst of it, (sorry honey.) i am trying to be conscientiously aware of the awful vibe i give off right about now, and try to have a good season instead of stressing about the small stuff. so here it goes.

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