Monday, February 9, 2009


i am not one to watch awards shows, especially when i do not know what the fuck is going on, but this year was an exception at the house. grumpy worked on the set all last week and there was nothing else interesting on.
i thought that i would be completely out of the music loop- not listening to current radio for quite  while, but i surprised myself and some acts surprised me.
i have a secret love for kanye and thought that with his mullet and all, while whispering into estelle's ear, was pretty stunning.
radiohead blew me away when they played with the marching band (another secret love), its good to see thom york in daylight, or better yet stagelight.
my girl crush goes to adele. not only am i transfixed by her songs, i loved the hair and the way that she looked like she drank cherry soda all afternoon with her pink stained lips and pale skin.

ok- i am officially a dork and have to return to my purple rain soundtrack.

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east side bride said...

Purple Rain will rule forever :)