Wednesday, February 4, 2009

yeah, sometimes he makes me laugh

especially when i find his secret pictures. i guess they arent that secret when he takes them on my phone
with this, let me tell you how great camerabag for the iphone is. so easy to use and lots of filters. i used helga on this one.

my favorite time to talk to him is when he is asleep. i know this is not very nice, but i get the best answers.
- hmm what do you think i should wear tomorrow?
- ketchup
really? this is actually what was said tonight. thats why he is my valentine.

0- and he really is not as grumpy as he looks or that i say- really.


Stefanie said...

YOU makes me laugh. Someday I hope to meet Grumpy.

It's A Jaime Thing said...

Being silly together is the best - I'm the same way with my husband, why not be goofy together, right? ;) I can't imagine it any other way...