Friday, September 25, 2009

the giants are coming.

i have been patiently waiting on the other half of my pictures from the other half of the vacation., thus so must you.
in the meantime, i have been dreaming of another trip, working hard and searching for some inspiration.

i found this this morning,

via hollister hovey.
dont you love it.

in case you didn't go to the link. its a festival in berlin that revolves around the story of the little giantess and her uncle, she sailed around on a boat he built, he went swimming in search of a geyser, came back to the little one and they both walked through the city in search of something else. others have told the story better, but you get the idea.

the puppeteers from royal de luxe are brilliant. besides the fact that jean luc courcoult started his troupe in aix, the first place that i left my heart (since then it has been additionally scattered elsewhere).

hmmm berlin, next october?