Thursday, November 6, 2008

*deep breath*

now that the holiday and humongous election is over and it feels refreshing, i can get back to focusing on the things that i have put aside. namely forgotten pictures, projects and work/food related research. i have stacks of magazines, clipped pictures, taken pictures, trinkets and books that have been begging for a little attention. the dust need to be blown of and i have be reminded that there was a reason they have been lying around.
there has been a lot of teasing around the house because i leave unfinished projects in corners. i will post them slowly as i finish them. soon there will be beautiful light fixtures, painted portraits, doggie sweaters, embroidery and jewelry to show.
i am going to filter out the pictures that i randomly collect from magazines. I have never actually figured out why i do this, but i do. so i need to create a scrapbook with them. not your heart cut out shaped, glue gunned button type, just you average composition book with sketches and pasted pictures.
the pictures in my camera date back to the beginning of this past summer. i have promised people pictures that they forsurely have forgotten and blog posts that are undoubtedly passe now. a few (many) hours in front of the computer is all i need and couldn't seem to find. a rainy sunday afternoon and nice bottle of shiraz would help.

no more excuses.

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