Wednesday, November 12, 2008

madam fluffkuns

Just for fun! Follow instructions A & B to find out your first and last burlesque names.

A) Third letter of your real first name is your burlesque first name :

A. Juicy N. Cleopatra
B. Fabulous O. Jewel
C. Cupcake P. Frankly
D. Fifi Q. Candy
E. Danger R. Topless
F. Venus S. Leopard
G. Ermine T. Perky
H. Marvelous U. Sensual
I. Madam V. Sexy
J. Sinuous W. Silky
K. Emerald X. Diamond
L. Peaches Y. Breathy
M. Mocha Z. Bonbon

B) Third letter of your real last name is your burlesque last name:

A. Heartbreaker N. de Ville
B. Smartypants O. Baracuda
C. Poser P. Crustacean
D. Unmentionables Q. Sprinklecake
E. Cupcake R. Topless
F. Evening S. Cheetah
G. Nipples T. Snakeskin
H. Sunshine U. mcStruttington
I. Jigglejugs V. Von Trapp
J. Fluffkuns W. Shakespeare
K. Wiggles X. Moonbottom
L. Vibrations Y. Growler
M. Glitterbomb Z. Favours

thanks betsy.

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ana said...

gross! i'm "juicy topless" haha!